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About Us

We Are Perfectline Swiss Distributor

We Are Perfectline Swiss Distributor  for EU, California,UAE and Africa. We have been partner with Perfectline in distributing the No. 1 Lace Wig Knots and Grid Corrector in EU,California,UAE and Africa.

Perfectline Swiss launched over a decade ago in Switzerland. Back then the company  created and distributed Jewish wigs for the Jewish community in Zurich. In 2018 they launched their newest invention, the lace grid corrector, since then they have moved production to Canada. The company  goal is to use this unique product to create business opportunity for black women across the globe. Another is to positively impact our local economy by generating economic development through income and employment growth, hence we source and produce locally. We are proud of to be partner with Perfect Line Swiss. 


Perfect Line Swiss

Perfect Line Swiss was born out of our passion for wigs and our desire to make it look as natural as if it is growing from the scalp. Wig has become an essential part of women from all ethnicity. The effect of celebrities openly wearing wigs has normalises the use of wigs across the globe. Weather it is for medical, personal preference or pure fashion, we all want it to look and feel like our own.

The lace wig has been around for decades and has evolved over the years. however, one problem remains, the visible grids. They struggled and watch the struggle for years, to hide the lace grid. That is why they have developed a patent pending 2 in 1 product that converts the lace grids to look and feel like scalp. This corrector takes the need to tint your lace and bleach your knots out of the equation. The corrector is currently sold in over 14 countries as far as Australia and have become a staple for lace wig wearers and hair stylist.


Perfect Line Swiss follows the recommendations of the FDA and Health Canada and we adhere to CTFA Quality Assurance Guidelines. These guidelines enable them to guarantee the consistency and quality of our products from batch to batch. They constantly perform quality tests on all formulations. In accordance with their company policy they do not test on animals. They source most of their raw material locally which optimizes the quality and precision of our product.

Perfect Line Swiss ingredients combine with the machines and processing techniques = an amazing end product