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How To Cover Lace Front With Makeup?

A lot of women today consider the lace front wig to be better than the regular ones, especially when they are suffering from hair loss. You would regularly see these wigs in television shows and movies, underlying its popularity. A quality lace front wig restores self-esteem, confidence and helps to make you feel and look like the best version of you.

The ‘lace’ is a strip of material that is nude in color, resting beside the front of the wig, and giving you a more natural look. The only major problem with lace fronts is that they usually come in one nude color, making you wonder how natural yours will appear. For darker skinned women, this problem is particular.

Even though there are numerous custom designs and fibers that can raise the quality and standard in the market, not everyone feels comfortable in them.

You can make a custom wig using a lace front that is close to the complexion of your scalp, but checked closely, the line between the lace and your skin may still be seen. Is there a solution to this problem?


What is it?


Hiding lace front wigs with makeup

There’s even better news; you do not need special makeup – the one you already have on can serve (if you are the type that normally wears makeup, that is). For specifics, all you need is a concealer and a powder foundation.

If you are not the type to wear either, then you may have to visit a makeup artist for the right shade.

Now to the important part…..

Step 1: Turn the wig inside out.

Step 2: Carefully apply concealer to the underside of any lace along the part.

Step 3: Put the wig on. Ensure that it is in the right place.

Step 4: Apply concealer to the lace front.

Step 5: It’s time to use the powder foundation. After applying, make sure to blend it across the lace front.


You are done and should have succeeded in hiding your lace fronts with simple makeup. Before you step out though, look at yourself under natural light, and not just in the bathroom.

There’s also something you might want to know if you regularly using this trick; makeup will build up on the lace front, potentially causing damage to your hairline. For wigs that you wear every day or two, you should clean the lace at least once weekly.

To do this, using a cotton swab, carefully dab rubbing alcohol to the lace. While doing this, a folded washcloth should be place underneath to absorb the ‘released’ makeup. The best part of this tactic is that it is safe on both synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs.

With your lace front wigs, you can enjoy a much more natural look – and if you steadily treat yours, it will look even better.

To learn more about caring for your wig and the services we offer, contact Perfect Line Swiss today.

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