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Lace wig grid and knot Corrector Combine Pack of 3 (Three 15ml Tubes)

  • One pack has three 15ml bottles 1 Nude 1 Tan & 1 Mich
  • One bottle covers a 13x 6 frontal or over 15 part application
  • shades can be adjusted with your foundation (darker or lighter)
  • When wash in cool water, you can have a few wash before needing to re-apply
  • sweat and water resistant
  • No need to tint lace
  • Product is not reusable
  • Keep product covered and Store in cool to room temperature
  • Remember to warm up the applicator before winding it up


Lace wig grid and knot Corrector Combine Pack of 3 (Three 15ml Tubes)

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No more bleaching or tinting your lace!

Are you tired of the long process to hiding lace grid and knots on your favorite lace wig?

how to make lace frontals or lace wigs look like scalp without bleaching?

Perfect Line has a solution for you.

This wax Corrector is formulated to quickly and easily convert your perimeter and parting with a more natural appearance that appears like your real scalp in under five minutes

You would not need to tint lace, and you definitely would not need to over-pluck or bleach your knots. One application from this golden tube will last you for three to four shampoo washes. You wouldn’t find a Corrector with this quality and result anywhere in the market today.

This lace grid Corrector is perfect to take with you for touch-ups on your lace wig whenever needed. It also glides easily onto your wig for quick touch-ups on your part and hairline. It creates a natural scalp effect that effectively covers knots and grid marks from the lace

Your days of using makeup or foundation that washes or rubs off are over pluck your lace wig is over! This Corrector is sweat and water-resistant!

This amazing product comes in one, two, three or five tube pack. The undertones are more on the neutral side, this will blend well with any skin-tone.

All shades can be adjusted with your own foundation to create a more unique shade if you desire.  Just follow the instructions on the shade guide to choose the ones that suit you best.

(N.B: Shades look darker in the tube but will apply lighter after application).

Features highlighted:

  • One standard pack has two 15ml bottles of your chosen shades.
  • No need to tint your lace or bleach your knots.
  • One tube covers a 13x 6 frontal and over ten 6” parting space.
  • This product works on ALL lace, HD lace, closure wig, frontal wigs, and transparent lace.
  • Shades can be adjusted with your foundation (darker or lighter)
  • When washing in cool water, you can have a few wash before re-applying.
  • The lace grid Corrector is sweat and water-resistant


Color shades available:

  • Nude (nude for Caucasian)
  • Tan (light sun kissed color)
  • Mich (medium)
  • Dan (dark)
  • Shadae (Deep dark)

Product Quality

We follow the recommendations of the FDA and Health Canada and we adhere to CTFA Quality Assurance Guidelines. These guidelines enable us to guarantee the consistency and quality of our products from batch to batch. We constantly perform quality tests on all formulations. In accordance with our company policy we do not test on animals. We source most of our raw material locally which optimizes the quality and precision of our product.

Our ingredients combine with the machines and processing techniques = an amazing end product


  • Nude (nude for Caucasian)

Perfect Line has developed a unique one-of-a-kind exclusive nude grid eraser for Caucasians. No more bleaching knots, or attempting to disguise grids with foundation. This nude Perfect Line Lace Grid Corrector is easy to apply, very light weight and enriched with essential oils to keep your wig scalp moisturized.

  • Tan (light sun kissed color)

Do you have a light skin? Are you wondering how to make your lace wigs or lace frontals match your natural scalp and hide grids and knots in lace without having to bleach the knots? Look no further, this Tan colored Lace Grid Corrector offers a quick and easy alternative which will give your part and hairline a more natural appearance that looks more like your natural scalp.

  • Mich (medium)

Our Mich colored Lace Grid and knot Corrector mimic the appearance of real scalp. We created it for every lace wig wearer that wants a flawless scalp look. This Mich palette can be used on any brand of wig or frontal and will match all medium brown skin tones. Customize your perfect shade by using a bit of your own foundation to achieve your desired color match.

  • Dan (dark)

Use this dark Dan color finish for a seamless, realistic look. Perfect for dark skin tones, it is easy to apply, weightless, and enriched with essential oils. It keeps your wig scalp moisturized, you would not need to tint lace or bleach your knots. One application will last for a 3-4 shampoo (sometimes more).

  • Shadae (Deep dark)

Shadae colored Lace Grid and knot Corrector is a really quick and the only effective way to hide your lace grid and knot to appears like your real deep dark scalp in under five minutes. No more Bleaching! No More Using Makeup and Foundation that rubs or washes off!



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